Why Zippyshare closed?

Zippyshare was arguably the best file hosting service before its closure. Zippyshare offers completely free and unlimited file hosting, so you can upload up to terra incognita files without paying a cent.

Zippyshare is gaining popularity in the file sharing world because of the convenience it provides to its visitors and users such as easy uploads, and easy downloads. Everyone can upload files for free directly by opening the zippyshare website through their browser. whether they have registered or not. not only that, visitors can also download directly from the url that has been shared by the uploader.

Surely some of us are wondering, then how does zippyshare pay for its services? because from the beginning their concept is a free service? the answer is by advertising. Completely using ads, in the download page section, zippyshare puts a lot of popup ads which sometimes makes their service famous for advertising, but with the development of the times, advertising ads that should be required to be seen by the downloader can be removed with adblock. and that was the beginning of the decline and destruction of zippyshare.

Like a bird that falls before it can fly high. zippyshare fell around 2012. where many addons plugins for browsers that also have features to remove ads, although it seems good for any visitor, but has a big impact on websites like zippyshare because in essence, zippyshare only lives with money from advertisements, so when the ad is blocked by the visitor then absolutely all visitors who download spending server resources do not give anything to zippyshare in the form of viewing ads.

This is exacerbated by the destruction of the system that was previously built on the basis of mutual support between the downloader and the filehost provider (zippyshare) to only zippyshare that provides services without any return, this makes zippyshare finances continue to decline to a point where admin and staff decide to stop zippyshare services.

Actually if you look closely, zippyshare already looks “dead” when the website and all its features are stagnant, there is no further information on any updates on the website and its services, even the minimal contact services that must exist. in this case it has been dead since 2019. so this already gives a sign that zippyshare might not live much longer, and sure enough. it happened at the end of March 2023. After March zippyshare completely closed its services to all its loyal users.

That’s the story of zippyshare, the Best Filehosting of its time, with a series of sometimes annoying ads, but at least they still hold strong to their ideal, which is a service that is free, for everyone,