Games that can sharpen your brain (2020 Edition)

Basically, games are just used to pass the time and entertain yourself, but do you realize that you can also learn and sharpen your brain just by playing games? That’s true, because some games in the past have proven to present elements of strategy and planning so that those of you who play them indirectly also learn to understand how real problem solving is. here are the games that we have summarized that can sharpen the brain.

1. Cube Escape Paradox

In this first game is a mysterious horror game, because in this game tells us as a character of a “man” who is in the house and locked in the house. Here our task is not only to get out but also to solve puzzle puzzles that exist in every aspect of the game. Here all the things in the game are very useful both for the course of the story and also to unlock other mysteries. For example in this game there is a television, there is a flower vase, there are lockers, jackets, cigarettes, to scissors. which we can use it all so that we can unlock the mystery.

An example of how technical this game is is when we have an item such as scissors where we can take the scissors and use them to cut a part of the flower stalk. In addition, we can also get other aspects such as we see something inside the wall lamp when the lamp is turned on. This game basically combines horror elements, story elements, and also our elements when we think “what can this be used for” so this game is more dynamic, because everyone must play this game in a different way.

2. Flow Water Fountain 3D Puzzle

Next is a game where we are tasked to drain a water that comes out of a pipe or spring into a fountain. Here our task is to shift or move some places to run the water. This game initially runs very easily at the beginning. But in the middle until the level is so high, this game will make you dizzy because the puzzle is very difficult.

In addition, this game also has a “Hint” facility so for those of you who are frustrated with this game, you can still find a way out of the problem in your game, by using this hint menu you will be given help on how you should set / shift the water platform and how to complete a level. of course, the longer you play this game, the more dizzy you will get because the difficulties faced will be more complex.

3. Respect of the Realm

Finally the last game is, the Respect of the Realm game, this game focuses on how we can control a place where as in the picture above the box is the territory that we can control. For short, there we are tasked with being the Boss of a military group to be able to control a place. In this game we must be able to control other places as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Maybe with the explanation above you will think that this game is an easy game, but the reality is not. When you want to expand your territory, you will face other groups / groups where they are also strongly armed. so you have to be able to manage so that your territory continues to grow but on the other hand you also have armed people to be able to protect the territory that is already yours.

that’s it for this article, see you again.