How to turn off notifications on chrome

Actually there are many ways to turn off/block notifications in the chrome browser. depending on what browser you are using. here are some ways you can try.

as in the picture above, the first way you can try is to click the padlock image in front of the website url. when the menu opens, find the notification section and click block. Later if you change your mind and want to enable notifications again, you can easily activate it by doing the same thing but choosing the allow option.

For the second way you can do it on an Android device. That is by clicking on the settings section, after that scroll down and look for the “notification” menu.

After the notification menu opens, you can set all notifications through here, first you can disable all notifications from chrome from here, on the other hand you can also disable some sites or even block notifications that will come from here, just look at all the menus and commands there to continue.

That’s probably all for now. If you were previously annoyed by existing notification notifications. now you can disable it yourself even you can now choose which notifications appear and which notifications are turned off.