Why are so many online games being shut down?

In 2010 to 2020 actually in Indonesia or more precisely in developing countries, there was a comprehensive change where, in the period before that, very few people had android phones. and by the end of 2020 almost all people used android phones. in this transitional period also includes the period when games adjust the platform that many people use.

If we go back to 2010, a lot of light games were produced for the pc platform, even games that could be completed in less than half an hour were available in the browser at that time. and at that time people spent time in front of the computer screen, because at that time, computers were considered a very valuable object and people who could play computer games looked cool among people at that time.

But when the rise of android phones came, many people bought android phones, the reason is because on the android phone there are many functions besides games that can make it easier for humans. ranging from alarms, videos, games, music, to communicating. Because more and more people are using android phones. So the game developers began to appear and focus their games on the android platform.

It was during this time that PC games gradually declined, this is because there are more games on android than pc. besides that android games are also considered more varied, and not monotonous, as well as being able to be played anywhere, for this reason many players who used to play pc games moved to android games. along with that dim pc games that cannot adapt to changing times. because at the moment, many pc games are also ported to android phones.

But for games that focus on pc, they have to fight hard not to lose their players, but the majority of them eventually close.