Fix Error H265 (HEVC) Video Player

Some of us may start to find a lot of videos with H265 codex. this is because in the modern era, along with the development of the times, and the improvement of hardware both mobile and pc, the better the codex on the video. which can improve video quality while reducing the file size of the video.

But all of the above comes with the problem that not all videoplayers are equipped with the ability to read H265 videos. If you are using PotPlayer video player then you can do the following to solve it. A normal error will look like the following image

for those of you who use the PotPlayer video player you can easily click the find codec button in the error popup above. and if you click it, you will be directed to the github website as in the following image

On this page, you only need to click download on the .exe download link on the github page, complete the download and open the application install that you just downloaded, then it will look like the following image

At the time of installation you can continue like you install other applications. if the installation is complete, you can later retry playing the video that was unable to play. if the entire process above has been done. then the video that could not be played earlier will be able to run normally.