How to bypass any Internet Blocking (Android)?

This post is extended version from my last post with the same title but for PC version. Now i will let you guys know how to do it on android devices. all you need is just your browser, i suggest you using chrome. i haven’t tested other’s browser on mobile since i just had chrome on me XD so let’s get it started

1. Click 3 dot in corner of your browser

2. Open setting

3. Open Privacy and Security

4. Click on “Use Secure DNS”

5. Turn the Secure Dns to ON and then choose your preferred DNS

6. For this case i using google or Cloudflare… so it’s up to you… after you choose you can open any blocked sites… 🙂 if the sites still blocked, don’t forget to restart the browser or flush the cache

This is the end of post about unblock any internet blocker by goverment or ISP 🙂